Put your coupon where your mouth is

Put your coupon where your mouth is

CouponScoupons, groupons and deals oh my!

Somehow over the last 2 years I have managed to subscribe to a disturbing amount of “Deals” or “Group buying” sites.

Every single morning my inbox resembles a cacophony of salespeople all trying to sell me the greatest deal of the day, and more often than not they all get tipped into the black hole that is my deleted folder.

“You could just unsubscribe!” I hear you say… and yes I could, however once a month or so something catches my eye… “Why yes I DO need an 8 piece luggage set for $29!” and so my subscription remains.

Which brings me to my latest purchase…

An eight course Indian feast for two people for only $29. ONLY $29!!!

I would normally assume that for such a ridiculous price that the restaurant would be rather sub-par or the courses would be no larger than a spoonful, however this time I recognised the restaurant as a particularly good one in the docklands that I had been to before. So I bit the bullet and cashed in.

I was not disappointed.

There was more than enough food for two, it was fresh and delicious, the service was impeccable and I did not feel treated as a stingy coupon buyer (which is how I had imagined I would feel). In fact the stigma I had assumed around using a coupon for a dinner deal appeared to be all in my imagination.

Mr CreosoteSure, the servings were more of a taste tester size than if they had been ordered off the menu, but frankly with 8 courses full servings would have seen us explode (Mr Creosote anyone?)

Clearly restaurants are cashing in on this phenomena to gain new clientele and surely they make back the money they lose in food profits on drinks. Was I right in thinking there is a stigma around using these coupons? Or am I simply being too quick to judge?

Either way… I’ve just seen an offer for a nine course meal at a Hardware Lane Japanese restaurant for $55 for two people enter my inbox…

Anyone for sake?

The restaurant in the Docklands was Bhoj … and their food is always delicious, and have provided excellent service the times I have been there.

2 thoughts on “Put your coupon where your mouth is

  1. If the Hardware lane Japanese restaurant is Bentoya, then do it! We used a scoopon for there about a year ago and we both practically had to be rolled out the door… and Andrew can EAT! 🙂

    1. it IS Bentoya! Consider it done then… get onto Deals.com and grab one for yourself $55 for 9 courses for 2 people.

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