31+ Different Ways To Cook A Potato πŸ₯”

I ate potatoes, cooked and prepared a different way every single day for an entire month.

Why? Well, living in Melbourne, enduring the longest lockdown in the world I needed something that would keep me entertained, give me a sense of control and a goal to focus on. I set myself some ground rules to manage expectations which were:

πŸ₯” Eat 1 potato-based dish per day for 31 days
πŸ₯” The preparation method must vary each day (I.e no mash, then cottage pie as they are both mashes)
πŸ₯” If a day is skipped it’s a potato for every meal the day after (as punishment)
πŸ₯” Where possible, the potato is to be prepared at home (no takeaway potato every day).

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