31+ Different Ways To Cook A Potato 🥔

I ate potatoes, cooked and prepared a different way every single day for an entire month.

Why? Well, living in Melbourne, enduring the longest lockdown in the world I needed something that would keep me entertained, give me a sense of control and a goal to focus on. I set myself some ground rules to manage expectations which were:

🥔 Eat 1 potato-based dish per day for 31 days
🥔 The preparation method must vary each day (I.e no mash, then cottage pie as they are both mashes)
🥔 If a day is skipped it’s a potato for every meal the day after (as punishment)
🥔 Where possible, the potato is to be prepared at home (no takeaway potato every day).

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The Seaweed Sheet Challenge

How many seaweed sheets can you fit in your mouth?

How many sheets of Sushi Seaweed (nori) can you fit in your mouth?

That’s probably not a question you ask yourself on a regular basis, but to save scratching your head for weeks about it, my pal Lorrae and I decided to answer it for you.

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Melbourne Chilli Eating Championships

The Melbourne Chilli Eating Challenge – A spectacle of insanity.

Melbourne Chilli Eating Championships at the B.East

What is it about watching people inflict pain upon themselves that we sometimes find so fascinating, nay… entertaining?

I believe that a healthy percentage of people who follow my silly antics do so because they enjoy seeing someone else try something they wouldn’t dare. Perhaps a mixture of schadenfreude and a morbid curiosity?

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The hottest Chicken Wings in Sydney

Ghost pepper chicken wings

6 Ghost Pepper coated wings.

I’ve only just recovered from trying the Palace Hotel Ghost Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge in Sydney.

I spent the night of the challenge in special amounts of pain on the couch, willing my stomach to stop trying to eat itself and most of yesterday wishing my stomach had been successful so other regions didn’t have to deal with it :/

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Misty's diner burger challenge

The Misty’s Diner Burger Challenge.

I’m breaking up with burgers. Specifically, I’m breaking up with burger challenges.

Or challenges of any kind that involve things like bread and cheese. Why? You may want to sit down for this. The Hungry Ginger is allergic to Gluten. On top of that … I’m also Lactose Intolerant. Seriously mother nature what the F$%&?

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Trunk Diner Stupid Hot wings

Are these Melbourne’s spiciest hot wings?

Hot wings pain

The many faces of pain…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Life … has been pretty busy, I broke my ankle a few months ago, actual work has been extremely demanding and my dog ate my homework, which is really strange cos I have a cat. So when I received a message on facebook from a follower stating that I had 7 days to eat something strange or huge or they would leave, I realised how long it had been between eats. Also that I’ve been neglecting my readers, followers and creativity.

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The Black pudding or Blood Sausage hunt.

Black Pudding

Black Pudding

One food I’ve been really keen to get my hands on since arrival is a proper Black Pudding.

Black pudding or Blood Sausage (as it’s known throughout the rest of Europe) is exactly as it sounds, though more sausage than pudding. It’s generally pork blood, barley and oatmeal in a sausage skin or in Europe it’s likely to contain onion to soak up the bloodiness.

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