The hottest Chicken Wings in Sydney

Ghost pepper chicken wings

6 Ghost Pepper coated wings.

I’ve only just recovered from trying the Palace Hotel Ghost Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge in Sydney.

I spent the night of the challenge in special amounts of pain on the couch, willing my stomach to stop trying to eat itself and most of yesterday wishing my stomach had been successful so other regions didn’t have to deal with it :/

Quick wrap up of the challenge is that the wings were actually extremely tasty and fairly easy to eat in under 5 minutes, though the heat was definitely a grower, not a show-er.

It’s the 5 minutes of hell that followed, being unable to drink whilst pub goers drink pints of delicious looking, thirst quenching OMG get me some ICE NOW … sorry I digress.

As far as challenges go, this one isn’t too hard to accomplish if you’re used to extreme amounts of heat. Also far tastier than many hot wings I’ve had.

As far as recovery goes, I don’t wish that on anyone, even people I hate …

Enjoy the video of these winged devils:

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