The Seaweed Sheet Challenge

How many seaweed sheets can you fit in your mouth?

How many sheets of Sushi Seaweed (nori) can you fit in your mouth?

That’s probably not a question you ask yourself on a regular basis, but to save scratching your head for weeks about it, my pal Lorrae and I decided to answer it for you.

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The hottest Chicken Wings in Sydney

Ghost pepper chicken wings

6 Ghost Pepper coated wings.

I’ve only just recovered from trying the Palace Hotel Ghost Chilli Chicken Wing Challenge in Sydney.

I spent the night of the challenge in special amounts of pain on the couch, willing my stomach to stop trying to eat itself and most of yesterday wishing my stomach had been successful so other regions didn’t have to deal with it :/

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Street Food Bugs in China

Eating insects in China

Street Food Bugs

Well once they were alive… now they are deep-fried and covered in chili and salt!

To preface: We decided on a cheeky overnight trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou via 300kph bullet train (AMAZING!) to try to escape the city and possibly the heat for a night…

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Stinky Tofu in China

Stinky fermented tofu

Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu

I don’t know what the big fuss is about…Yes it smells a bit pongy, and looks like some sort of strange cheese, but stinky fermented tofu is actually quite delicious!

It has a smell, sort of like dirty wet socks and a touch of “I’ve left my washing in the machine too long” smell. However, when fried and served with sweet soy and chilli sauce, the smell goes away and a delicious pickled tofu taste emerges, and let’s be honest anything fried tastes better doesn’t it?

We sampled these from the touristy area of Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai, where the food vendors lining the streets sell all manner of things, but none so enticing as those mouldy socks!


This picture may or may not be dramatised.

This picture may or may not be dramatised.

How to to tackle a Food Challenge

Tips to tackle a ridiculous eating challenge?

This is absolutely utterly ridiculous… On Saturday 1st June I will take on the Hofbrauhaus Schnitzel challenge which consists of:

  • 1.5 kg pork schnitzel
  • 1 serve of chips
  • 1 stein of beer

In 45 minutes

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