How to to tackle a Food Challenge

Tips to tackle a ridiculous eating challenge?

This is absolutely utterly ridiculous… On Saturday 1st June I will take on the Hofbrauhaus Schnitzel challenge which consists of:

  • 1.5 kg pork schnitzel
  • 1 serve of chips
  • 1 stein of beer

In 45 minutes

If I win I get a free t-shirt (weeeee!) and the fame of completion (and I would be the only chick to do so far!), if I lose I am whacked with a $75 bill and a very sore stomach for naught.

I’ve always had the macabre desire to complete a food challenge, whether it be hot wings from hell or a burger so big that it could feed a small 3rd world country.Schnitzel Challenge

So, when I happened to be sitting in peak hour traffic behind a bus with the words “SCHNITZEL CHALLENGE” screaming at me… I needed to investigate.

I have implored friends, family and social media for tips on how to tackle this challenge, I must be honest and mention that a VAST majority decided I had no chance and offered little support and much ridicule, but some folks had some nuggety pearls of wisdom to share…

Before the challenge, people were as divided as the red sea:
  • Run a marathon beforehand! That will give you a huge appetite!
  • Eat lots in the days before the event to expand your stomach
  • Binge on watermelon for a few days prior to expand your stomach
  • Eat small snacks on the day
  • Eat nothing on the day so you’ll be starving

Confused much?

During the challenge:
  • Cut it down to the smallest possible portions, especially towards the end
  • Wolf down the schnitzel first, attack that thing as quick as you can, then the chips, then scull the beer
  • Only 3 chews per swallow
  • Don’t eat slow! Your stomach takes 20 minutes to realise it’s full… so fill up quick!
  • Go slow on the beer, mainly use it for sips near to the end
After the challenge:
  • Go and puke
  • Go German all the way and have Unterberg ready to settle your stomach
  • Go for a really long walk afterwards

As you can see there are some great tips, but some slightly confusing alternatives.

I think my best plan of action is to:

  • Eat big meals a few days prior
  • Eat light on the day and exercise with minimal liquids (Fruit!)
  • Smash the schnitzel down as quickly as possible
  • Dip the chips in the beer
  • Scull what’s left over…
  • Try not to vomit during or after!

Do you have any handy hints for me?

For anyone playing at home, I’ll be trying this at 6pm Saturday 1st June at Melbourne Hofbrauhaus… stay tuned on The Hungry Facey for running updates… wish me luck!

Oh and if I do complete it… I’ll donate the $75 I would have spent if I fail to Feed Melbourne who raise funds to help charities collect, cook and distribute food to those who aren’t able (or silly enought) to stuff themselves full of pork, chips and beer. They do great work supporting our community!


  1. bubblymel · May 28, 2013

    Good Luck!

  2. Lulu · May 28, 2013

    Go gal, you can do it. Nice touch with donating the money to charity!

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