60 Buffalo Wings in 60 minutes…

It’s really that simple.

Eat 60 Buffalo Wings in 60 minutes at The Kodiak Club on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and you get your name on the wall and the honour of NOT paying $90…

Fail and you’ve just eaten a whop load of chickens and your hip pocket is a fair bit lighter.

Chicken Wing Challenge

Super confident, super naive!

I have to say I went into this challenge really quite confident, having knocked over 1.3 kgs of pork schnitzel, I knew that 60 chicken wings wouldn’t have the same volume of food to contend with AND I had the luxury of an extra 15 minutes to do it in!

About 5 people have completed the challenge out of 46(ish?), so it definitely sounded achievable!

I was deluded… the challenge in this challenge isn’t in the volume at all…

Delicious chicken wings

They started off delicious!

It’s in the sheer amount of chicken skin and saucy spicy flavour.

At first, the wings were DELICIOUS! Seriously, I don’t want to begrudge the Kodiak Club the fact that they have some epically tasty wings and I definitely enjoyed the first 20 or so, especially with that delectable blue cheese sauce.

However, now I can flatly say I HATE that blue cheese sauce and that mouth-watering spicy chicken wing seasoning makes me want to run away with my arms above my head wailing like a taunted schoolgirl.

Advice to any who wish to try the challenge: LEAVE THE BLUE CHEESE SAUCE ALONE! It curdles in your stomach like a fish milkshake on a hot day… *sidenote – this actually still makes me feel sick to think about*

So many Chicken Wings

About the 40 Wing mark

The sticks of celery on the side however enabled me to get though the 40 wing mark though, as that crunch and different flavour provided a relief from the monotony of wing sauce. So much wing sauce *shudder*.

So how did I go?

51 wings… yep only 9 BLOODY WINGS LEFT! I know that some people will be saying to themselves “but it’s only 9 wings, you could have pushed through that.”

Too many chicken wings

Too much skin = Sad Face

Yep… I could have… if you wanted to see images of me projectile vomiting chicken wings, celery sticks and blue cheese sauce all over the bartender, then sure!

In fact they provide you with a spew bucket… Apparently many people spew trying. I hastily put the bucket out of sight immediately as I’m a firm believer it would only encourage the puke factor.

When I hit that chicken skin, meat-sweat,  full stomach, epic amounts of grease wall, it didn’t matter whether I had 5 minutes or 10 hours left. There was no way I was getting those wings down.

Only 9 chicken wings left!

Only 9 wings left!

So with 12 minutes to go I must admit I threw in the towel…

What have we learned from this?

Perhaps I should stick to eating weird stuff instead of epic quantities? Though I’m told in both challenges I’ve done respectably well… respectably well however isn’t winning :/

Either way, do try the wings at The Kodiak Club, and their drinks list is very impressive (I had a ginger beer and whiskey cocktail that was incredible!)… though I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy blue cheese dipping sauce ever again…

Disclaimer: I am SO SORRY about the crappy photo quality… it was near dark in that bar so many of the pictures turned out grainy… though perhaps that’s best for my memory.

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  1. Lulu · September 24, 2013

    Top effort, I’m well impressed. I’m not up for the challenge but is like to try their chicken wings…..can’t wait to hear your next adventure.

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