Why the long … hiatus?

It’s been a long time between drinks.

Well that’s a lie… I’ve been drinking plenty, but my writing (as you may have noticed) has taken a 12+ month leave of absence. I’ve been meaning to update this with many joyful adventures of food based stories. I’ve been to NZ, Bali (twice), the good old US of A and had quite a few food-ventures in Australia.

So first of all. I’m sorry I haven’t written about it. The past 12 months have been extra-ordinarily tough and writing has taken a backseat. To depression. Without going too far into it, I’ve been married, unmarried, redundant, moved out of my home, pretty much bankrupt, fought multiple illnesses and been spat out the other side wondering where the f*ck the last year went.

BUT I’M BACK! (Sorry mum, I started a sentence with but) … depression be-damned!

Ironically, writing makes me happy, I probably should have done it sooner. I’m savouring every moment of writing this post, like it’s those last bits of gravy at the bottom of the poutine container *drool*. So it’s time to crack open a new can of spam* and get back into it!

Cheers to 2017! I can’t wait to get an eat some weird shit and report back to you ASAP 🙂

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival kicks off shortly … and I’ve got another offal night to go to!

The hungry ginger

*haha I never did write that blog about SPAM in Hawaii… too late?