7 Food Challenges you can do at home

7 Food Challenges you can do at home!

7 Food Challenges you can do at home

A couple of weekends ago, two Australian national athletes sat down to attempt 7 food challenges.

After crowd-sourcing a lot of the inspiration from my facebook friends and fans, we came up with a list of 7 to try. Which were:

  1. The whistling biscuit challenge – Can you whistle with a dry water cracker in your mouth? 
  2. Wasabi challenge – Eat a teaspoon of wasabi in less than a minute
  3. Chubby bunny challenge – How many marshmallows you can fit into your mouth. Each time you put a marshmallow into your mouth, you have to say chubby bunny.
  4. Powered donut challenge – Eat a powdered donut without licking your lips
  5. Weetbix challenge – Fastest time to eat one without water
  6. Vegemite challenge – Who can eat two tablespoons of Vegemite the fastest
  7. Blindfolded soup taste test – Is it canned chicken soup? Alphabet soup or some sort of bean?

To be completely honest we also did the Onion and Apple challenge (Do a raw onion and an apple taste the same if you hold your nose?). It was crap. The video is crap and it’s not a challenge at all. Spoiler alert, no they do not taste the same. At all.

That’s why video says 8 challenges. It was too late for me to change it… I’d committed. To stubbornly not changing it that is.

The challenges that did appear in the videos, are dead set hilarious. If I do say so myself. So here they are for your enjoyment AND if you think you can do a better time than us, please do! Film it and post onto my facebook page. The more the merrier!

Watch the full length version of all 7 challenges HERE.

I’m ashamed and embarrassed to have been beaten, but it could not have been a more worthy opponent. Hats off to Lorrae for being such a great sport!

What’s next?