Street Food Bugs in China

Eating insects in China

Street Food Bugs

Well once they were alive… now they are deep-fried and covered in chili and salt!

To preface: We decided on a cheeky overnight trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou via 300kph bullet train (AMAZING!) to try to escape the city and possibly the heat for a night…

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Hot spice and everything nice!


Such a cute little face!

Such a cute little face!

I like to think myself pretty lucky that I have a high tolerance for spicy food dishes.If I didn’t, then I would be missing out on so many awesome meals and choice, especially in Asia.

It is without fear of the “ring of fire” that I often order the spiciest on the menu, partly for the flavour and partly for the challenge.

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Stinky Tofu in China

Stinky fermented tofu

Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu

I don’t know what the big fuss is about…Yes it smells a bit pongy, and looks like some sort of strange cheese, but stinky fermented tofu is actually quite delicious!

It has a smell, sort of like dirty wet socks and a touch of “I’ve left my washing in the machine too long” smell. However, when fried and served with sweet soy and chilli sauce, the smell goes away and a delicious pickled tofu taste emerges, and let’s be honest anything fried tastes better doesn’t it?

We sampled these from the touristy area of Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai, where the food vendors lining the streets sell all manner of things, but none so enticing as those mouldy socks!


This picture may or may not be dramatised.

This picture may or may not be dramatised.

Discovering Ox Tongue Yakitori


I’ve never been much into offal. Mum has always said its just (awf-ul) off-al 😉

However can you classify ox tongue as offal when it’s a muscle just like meat in a leg or arm? I’m going with no for the sake of my arguement!

Anyway, I have decided that ox tongue needs to get more cred because it is really amazingly delicious. It’s springy and lean and had a rich taste and if its served BBQ on a Yakitori stick (like I have become obsessed with) then it’s positively melt in the mouth.

Do yourself a favour and order it.

Apparently it’s great in a pasta bake covered with cheese… Challenge accepted!

Temple street seafood

Squilla, a prawn/scrimp thing!

Squilla, a prawn/scrimp thing!

Tried to post this a week ago… But didn’t hit publish before china 😦 so better late than never!!! Enjoy!

We went to the temple street markets on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong in Jordan with a mate who had an urge for seafood. Lots of seafood!

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Steaming in Singapore

It is hot, it is muggy, it calls for delicious Asian lager 24/7…

We arrived at midnight in Singapore Saturday night and were fairly travel weary, the heat hitting us like a hot wet fish in the face.

There was only one thing to do… Grab some beers and food. Some delicious dumplings and spiral shells in chili (some said snails others say periwinkles).

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Asian adventure!

Singapore - Image taken from Minmax travel

Singapore – Image taken from Minmax travel

I’m packing my bags and heading to Asia!

Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and maybe even a cheeky trip to Bangkok are all on the cards so I would love your help to create a list of things to try whilst I am over there!

When I went to Vietnam I created “The Hungry List” with a number of things to look out for on my travels, so let’s add to this?

So far I’ve been requested to try:

  • Sea Turtle
  • Balut Egg (covered this in Vietnam as Hot Vit Lon)
  • Dog Meat
  • Pig Fallopian tubes (ick ick ick!)
  • Stinky fermented tofu
  • Elephant poo coffee (anything like Weasel Poo coffee?)
  • Durian
  • Frog legs
  • Pig Blood Cake

So keep em coming and I’ll update the list as we go!

By the way… I don’t just eat strange foods (well strange to us in Australia!) I actually would love to know what foods I simply must try that are really delicious!

I am already drooling over Kaya Toast for breakfast mmm.

Stay tuned this Friday 28th June I try out Alpaca as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival roast collection! I think it will taste like sheep or goat?

Mmm Alpaca

Mmm Alpaca