Temple street seafood

Squilla, a prawn/scrimp thing!

Squilla, a prawn/scrimp thing!

Tried to post this a week ago… But didn’t hit publish before china 😦 so better late than never!!! Enjoy!

We went to the temple street markets on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong in Jordan with a mate who had an urge for seafood. Lots of seafood!

As we were walking down the street full of street seafood vendors I noticed all manner of wonderful live seafood from various types of fish, turtles, crabs and lots of shellfish all jumping and crawling to try and avoid their fateful death by flopping onto dry land… None successful mind you.

Squilla, before and after

Squilla, before and after

After choosing a place that was suitably busy I was confronted with a menu that had so many options it was a little overwhelming! It was good to be there with a local or I would have either panicked and ordered everything or nothing.

Has anyone tried a squilla? They are a strange shrimp/prawn looking creature on steroids with praying mantis arms. They are also delicious!

We got our hands dirty, reminding me how thankful I was to remember the hand sanitiser, and broke them open like a prawn eating the fleshy white insides and munching on the crispy legs and other small fried parts.

Another dish was duck intestine which I ordered with some apprehension, but assured by our local mate that its actually really nice and it should be tried.

Duck intestine

Duck intestine

The texture freaked my brain out a bit as its kind of like rind or skin of a pig but is the sliced open large intestine of the duck, in a sweet soya sauce with chili to dunk into on the side. I’m glad I tried it but not sure i will be lining up for seconds…

We also had fresh scallops and mussels which were so fresh they had only just been alive minutes before hitting our plates, all washed down with Chinese beer it was such a great meal!

Across the road you could see the uncooked intestines of duck (reminding us what we had just consumed), orange squid like things, pig intestines and Chinese sausages amongst other things like squab, chicken and goose.

Hong Kong is so westernised that it is so great to get to these outdoor food venues as you really get to experience the street culture and feel the vibrancy of the city all around you.

I will definitely be trying squilla again… And probably a few more times after that.