Steaming in Singapore

It is hot, it is muggy, it calls for delicious Asian lager 24/7…

We arrived at midnight in Singapore Saturday night and were fairly travel weary, the heat hitting us like a hot wet fish in the face.

There was only one thing to do… Grab some beers and food. Some delicious dumplings and spiral shells in chili (some said snails others say periwinkles).

I say yum! We’ve had these before in Dalat, Vietnam, they have a garlicky taste that goes incredibly with hot chili sauce, and you can easily suck the suckers right out of the shell.

This last 24 hours has been a plethora of wonderful (sometimes strange) food, and it’s easy to see that in Singapore the “nose to tail” concept is definitely in full use.

In fact lunch was some piggy tail soup… An interesting texture on the skin and rather fatty without much meat but bursting with flavour.

A trip to the market saw live frogs and turtles and a plethora of fruit, dried meats and other amazing tidbits… I swear durians must be the national fruit and there is quite a lingering odour on many streets from it…

Honestly I’m in my element with so many foods to try that it’s hard to choose, adopting the point and eat method hasn’t failed us yet though its probably a Singaporean roulette with our guts… It may be only a matter of time until one of us succumbs to the toilet gods.

It’s all worth it though, I have to admit I really loved the taste of the salt and pepper frog (kind of like chicken crossed with squid) and I will definitely try a few versions whilst I’m here. Millions of Singaporeans and Frenchman can’t be wrong!

For the record we aren’t just trying out the weird and wonderful, I had to try out the local Kaya toast and coffee, Hor Fun (fish sliced and rice noodles), dumplings and I have a hankering for Char Kwai Teow that must be silenced tomorrow… Unless I get distracted by a frog laksa!