Kombucha SCOBY Jerky Recipe + Tasting Notes

Kombucha SCOBY Jerky Recipe + Tasting Notes

Not as gross as you (probably) think it will be…

Kombucha in a jar with a SCOBY

If you googled “Kombucha Scoby Jerky Recipe” congratulations you’re A: awesomely weird and adventurous, and B: in luck, as I’m not going to force you to scroll 47 pages till you get to the recipe. Seriously how annoying is that tactic?

To find out what I think about the end product, why the heck I did this and some fun facts about SCOBYs, scroll to below the recipe.

What you won’t know unless you’re a regular here is that I’m on a mission to try out weird and wonderful foods both at home (very much so lately) and abroad. So if that’s your jam, chuck me a follow.

If not, here’s how to make SCOBY jerky:

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