The Egg-Cellent Egg-Venture: Part 1

Edit: Head here to watch the Emu Egg-Venture video 🥚

This is a tale of why you should never give up on your dreams. If you want something badly enough, you should be doggedly and stubbornly persistent, cos boy can it pay off!

6 years ago, my pal Lorrae commented to a mate that she’d love to give an Ostrich egg a crack (pun totally intended).

Ostrich egg hunt

This idea boiled in the background like an onsen egg for 5 years, until 12 months ago, Lorrae and I set the grand intention to find an Emu or Ostrich egg for eating. To turn into “the world’s largest scotch egg”.

However, not understanding our native fauna and it’s incredibly short laying period, we underestimated how darn hard it would be to actually get one!

Turns out Emus only lay in the middle of Winter. Between July and August. Since it was Christmas time, our enthusiasm for Xmas scotch eggs was extremely misplaced.

Until today. A cold and rainy day. The first day of spring. Our dreams came true.

After contacting about a million (ok…5) different farms, exotic egg emporiums, local markets and putting a callout on the trusty facebook. The egg-cellent folks at the Somerville Egg Farm contacted us to let us know that Esmerelda the Emu had indeed just laid an egg.

And it was all ours. So we set off to drive down the Victorian coast, to collect our bounty.


Team Australia uniforms, flannelettes and akubras, cos Esmerelda is a dinky-di Aussie

It’s absolutely beautiful, Esmerelda has done us proud!

The egg weighs 780 grams, is a dark teal colour and is beautifully texturised, kind of like a stone avocado or egg straight out of Jurassic World, I can’t wait to boil it, peel it, cover it in meat, crumb it and slice it open.

We spent an egg-citing couple of hours meeting 40,000 happy chickens, dogs, alpacas, goats and 3 Emus who didn’t actually want much to do with us!

Check out the video of the egg-venture, and stay tuned for the scotching (plus a little surprise ingredient to make it TRULY the most Aussie scotch egg ever!)


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