Japan: Vending Machine Ad’Vend’Tures


Oh Japan.

A lot of people giggle and smirk about your infamous items of used clothing in vending machines. However, you really do have “snacking on the go” down pat with vending machines in many convenient locations.

I decided it would be the most fun to sample items from vending machines during my whistlestop tour of Tokyo, Myoko Kogen, Kyoto and Osaka.

Here are some of the random vending machine items I tried, with mixed results…

Corn Soup

Need a warming pick me up? Try some cream of corn soup on your way to work:

Mystery Can

I had no idea what I was going to get in this “mystery can” in the middle of the Snow Monkey Park near Nagano:

Chestnut Custard

At first glance, this appeared to be soba or spaghetti in a can. I was very wrong here:

Red Bean Drink

Red bean soup in a can? Not quite:

Clam in a Can

This is as nope as it sounds. A big fishy can of nope and regret:

What’s the most delicious or strange thing you’ve snacked on from a Japanese vending machine? I’d love to know!