Melbourne Chilli Eating Championships

The Melbourne Chilli Eating Challenge – A spectacle of insanity.

Melbourne Chilli Eating Championships at the B.East

What is it about watching people inflict pain upon themselves that we sometimes find so fascinating, nay… entertaining?

I believe that a healthy percentage of people who follow my silly antics do so because they enjoy seeing someone else try something they wouldn’t dare. Perhaps a mixture of schadenfreude and a morbid curiosity?

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Trunk Diner Stupid Hot wings

Are these Melbourne’s spiciest hot wings?

Hot wings pain

The many faces of pain…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Life … has been pretty busy, I broke my ankle a few months ago, actual work has been extremely demanding and my dog ate my homework, which is really strange cos I have a cat. So when I received a message on facebook from a follower stating that I had 7 days to eat something strange or huge or they would leave, I realised how long it had been between eats. Also that I’ve been neglecting my readers, followers and creativity.

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