List of interesting food in Vietnam

List of interesting food in Vietnam


Blogging on the go…

Easy to do in Vietnam since free wi-fi is everywhere, but hard to do when you’re constantly moving from place to place trying to see and do everything…

So I’d better give an update on a particularly important item from the Vietnam list that we’ve crossed off so far.

Aside from having an epic adventure that I’ll have to write in as a side story, we started off in Hanoi with some great food like the aforementioned pho in an alley.

This was backed up in the afternoon with “com ga” (chicken with rice)…
The whole chicken… Head. Feet. Everything.

It was delicious. The meat was BBQ style, cleavered into pieces and cooked in some amazing herbs and spices with a yummy side soup to boot…

As a side note I’d also like to add that we ordered this from a side street cafe, with no English-speaking workers without a westerner in sight! *flex*

Oh and I wussed out on eating the eye… Jacob however didn’t let the team down and ate it with gusto!