Bahn Cuon and Canh Chua Ca oh my!


So we’re in Hoi An… And about to leave which is a shame as it’s a fantastic place!

In case you were wondering not everything we eat here is for a challenge, we’ve had some amazingly normal tasty dishes since arriving.

2 in particular that were on the list were astoundingly great!

Bahn Cuon (above) were recommended to try by a few people as fantastic and they definitely lived up to expectation.

They are steamed rice paper rolls with cloud ear mushrooms (funky looking but yum!) and pork mince stuffing, served with sweet chilli fish sauce and toasted peanuts… *drool*

The soup above was crab and asparagus soup, and it was a winner!

The 2nd dish we crossed (below) is Cahn Chua Ca which is sweet and sour fish soup.

Generally they use snake-head fish (yeah I thought it was a snake too) or catfish but I think we got tuna that night which was great as its so versatile!

The soup is sweetened by pineapple chunks and other veg and soured by vinegar and lemon juice… Soooooo good

Unfortunately the serves of these soups were either pretty meagre or I’m just a big fat pig!

The fish in banana leaves you see below we later learned to make at a cooking class, which I’ll write all about when I can use the pictures off the camera…

Hilarious French chef hats all round!

We also had the most amazing bowl of Pork Pho here too but I feel I’ve waxed lyrical about my Pho addiction so much that this blog is becoming an enabler…