Snails de la mer!



I often find myself thinking of the humble garden snail and French people when I think of snails that you eat…

Down here in Mui Ne on the south-east coast of Vietnam they are quite the delicacy and are rather delicious!

Fresh out of a tank of water, these still alive and rather sea snails were barbecued with garlic, herbs and oil and served in their shells for us to wrench out with chopsticks.

Though not much wrenching was required as they slipped out rather easily and were just as easily washed down with some tiger beer and chilli sauce.

The key here is to go to the night fish market restaurants and look for the produce that looks fresh and still live…

… Though its tough to pick from all that is available, we chose fresh squid, scallops, tiger prawns (or shrimp as they call them here) and the aforementioned snails…

For about 30 dollars AUD for both of us including a bunch of beers we rolled home full of seafood…

The next morning we learned perhaps to not have SO much seafood in one sitting though… :/



  1. James @ Fly, Icarus, Fly · May 30, 2012

    Holy smokes! AUD 30 should’ve bought you and a small village a feast! But in comparison to seafood in the West, definitely a deal here in Vietnam. Eat on!

    On another note, wondering if you could spare 2 seconds to check out my photo. It’s a finalist in the Conde Nast contest. If you could vote and leave a comment, that’d be great. I’d love to get my fellow bloggers involved! Thanks much!

    • Chanie · June 7, 2012

      Thanks James, the prices in Nam have definitely gone up compared to what people were telling me, and indeed the locals tell me prices in western popular areas have gone up 30-40% in the last 4 years! still $30 for a crap load of beer, vodka and seafood is a fantastic deal!

      thanks for the comment, will check out the photo

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