Mission complete: weasel poo!


Well after waxing lyrical about weasel poo coffee we tried some!

We were in Dalat, in the south-east inland mountain area of Nam, on a day trip to the countryside…

After touring around with our fantastic driver “Thuy” to flower gardens and a cricket farm (photo below, yes we ate some!) we arrived at the coffee plantation where they made rice wine and ground various types of coffee…

The weasels are only fed the highest quality berries to make the highest quality coffee, it was plain to see they don’t have much of a life but they weren’t in crappy dirty conditions either.

Thuy told us that the tradition of using the weasel for the coffee was learned from the Indonesian culture about 5 or 6 years ago, and that Vietnam is the #2 exporter of coffee behind brazil!

It wasn’t time for them to eat coffee berries at the time we were there (end of May), so they were fed on bananas and meat and they were pretty lively and curious when we paid them attention…

Though this little guy looks like he wants out!

I didn’t stage a weasel jail break, but did try the coffee which at $50,000 VND a cup (about $3 AUD) it was easily the most expensive coffee we had the entire trip!

We had a normal coffee to compare taste at the same time and as a coffee drinker it myself I found it easy to distinguish the difference in taste and smell.

I’m happy to report the weasel poo version was far smoother and richer than the normal and was quite delicious!

And you can rest assured the coffee bean never even gets to touch poo on the way through as it’s encased in the bean casing the whole time..

Mission… Accomplished


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