The Egg-Cellent Egg-Venture: Part 2

The Egg-Cellent Egg-Venture: Part 2

Scotch Emu Egg

The “Coat of Arms” Scotch Egg

This is a tale of making a scotch Emu egg… but not just ANY scotch Emu egg, the most Australian Scotch Egg you’ve ever seen.

After procuring an Emu egg, laid by Esmerelda from the Somerville Egg Farm, we asked the question. What would make this the most “Aussie” Scotch Egg ever cooked?

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6 ways to not be a d*ck in hostels …

6 ways to not be a d*ck in hostels …

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.03.12 pm

Sex on bunks, nudity, and poop in unusual places …

I’ve been on the road for 8 weeks now, which means a lot of time in hostels. It’s quite different to the first time I did a big trip (at 21) though. Sites like and hostelworld didn’t exist. You rocked up, sometimes guided by your trusty lonely planet, and crossed everything they had a bed, that wasn’t dirty and packed with too many beds or idiots.

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Where in the world is The Hungry Ginger?

Where in the world is The Hungry Ginger?

Map of the World - The Hungry Ginger

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, except my Santa arrives about 7.30 tomorrow in the shape of an Uber.

I’m about to embark on a 2 month trip, covering some destinations I’ve had on the bucket list for what feels like an eternity. I’m underprepped, excited and more than a little nervous (especially at the thought of leaving my cats for 2 months).

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Asian adventure!

Asian adventure!

Singapore - Image taken from Minmax travel
Singapore – Image taken from Minmax travel

I’m packing my bags and heading to Asia!

Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and maybe even a cheeky trip to Bangkok are all on the cards so I would love your help to create a list of things to try whilst I am over there!

When I went to Vietnam I created “The Hungry List” with a number of things to look out for on my travels, so let’s add to this?

So far I’ve been requested to try:

  • Sea Turtle
  • Balut Egg (covered this in Vietnam as Hot Vit Lon)
  • Dog Meat
  • Pig Fallopian tubes (ick ick ick!)
  • Stinky fermented tofu
  • Elephant poo coffee (anything like Weasel Poo coffee?)
  • Durian
  • Frog legs
  • Pig Blood Cake

So keep em coming and I’ll update the list as we go!

By the way… I don’t just eat strange foods (well strange to us in Australia!) I actually would love to know what foods I simply must try that are really delicious!

I am already drooling over Kaya Toast for breakfast mmm.

Stay tuned this Friday 28th June I try out Alpaca as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival roast collection! I think it will taste like sheep or goat?

Mmm Alpaca
Mmm Alpaca
Melbourne’s sunny-time lunch spots

Melbourne’s sunny-time lunch spots

“It’s sunny outside! Let’s have lunch!”

It’s funny how much the weather in Melbourne phenomenally dictates how we spend our lunch-break.

If it’s blowing a gale, has blizzard like arctic winds or is raining cats and dogs I’ll eat at my desk. If I’ve brought my own lunch… I’ll eat at my desk…

I don’t think that I am the only winter desk hermit in Melbourne… 


As soon as it’s warm or sunny (which means anything over 18 degrees in Melbourne), city workers throw caution to the wind, throw off their wooly coats, fling on some thongs, sunnies and maybe even a hat and venture outside to welcome the change in climate.

So where do you go for lunch in Melbourne when it’s sunny outside?

I’ve managed to find some top spots to have an alfresco bite or beverage. I don’t mean finding a table if you’re lucky, these places often have room to indulge in some vitamin D replenishment and serve some tasty grub too… with enough room for friends

Trunk – 275 Exhibition Street – This one is great, if you sit in the garden you can choose either the fancy schmancy restaurant menu or the diner menu so it has a price range to suit everyone. Best to get there at around 12PM on a lovely day to get a seat.

Campari House Rooftop – 23-25 Hardware Lane – Has a rooftop pizza menu from 12pm which is great for sharing a couple of pizzas and drinks, also a good after work meeting place!

The Carlton – Balcony or rooftop (Palmz) – Lunch Thurs-Sat only – Pub grub, Thursday has a $15 Parma and pot, otherwise there are nibbles and other (albeit spruced up) pub fare

Section 8 – 27-29 Tattersalls lane – I LOVE this place and now they do lunch, and its so cheap! Funky as hell and great on a hot day… if you go after work, go early

Riverland Bar – Federation wharf (under Princess bridge) – Has a really big lunch menu that will suit all budgets and a great view of the Yarra, really close to Fed Square

Ponyfish Island – Under the bridge that joins over the Yarra… I haven’t been to this one, but it looks like fun and is certainly a very different location so it had to rate a mention!

Madame Brussels – 59-63 Bourke Street – Not a typical lunch menu, which means a spot in the sun is pretty easy to get at lunchtime. They have some lovely chicken sandwiches you should try

” What if I can’t afford it?”

There is nothing better on a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne than grabbing some sushi (always my fav cheap lunch) and finding a patch of grass in one of Melbourne’s many gorgeous parks…

Treasury Gardens

Try the Treasury Gardens, they are my favourite! If you can stand the sheer amount of fitness junkies jogging and puffing their way through the surrounds.

Of course there are a plethora of places in Melbourne with outdoor dining options (I’ve left off Southgate, Federation Sq and countless amazing alleys I know!) 

Let me know your favourites and I’ll have to go and try them next time the Melbourne weather decides to play nice!

Are you allergic?

Are you allergic?

Milk, egg, peanut, fish, shellfish, wheat, nuts from trees and soya…

Then there are dermatitus, eczema, psoriasis and hayfever… the list goes on!

I certainly don’t recall too many kids on the playground at school when I was little who couldn’t eat pretty much whatever they liked or touch anything they wanted, other than one poor kid who blew up like a blowfish when someone threw some peanuts at him.

Then again he may have been choking on the nut rather than having an anaphylactic fit… the details are vague…

It seems we’re becoming more and more allergic to things that once seemed part of the everyday.

I say we, because I’m including me in this sentence…

Once upon a time I could eat whatever the hell I wanted and put whatever skin creams full of perfumes and pathogens on my skin whenever I liked, until one day when I was about 24 I used some skin cleanser that turned my face into a bubbling lava pit of blisters (yes it was as sexy as it sounds) and I started to “react” to certain creams.

About a year later, I’d gotten on top of the skin issues by using non-fragranced and PH neutral products to wash, moisturise and beautify myself, then I discovered I’m lactose intolerant.

I’d always assumed being gassy and bloated by dairy products was a normal part of consuming them, apparently not.

I now come to a familiar cross-roads in my life prior to going to Vietnam, a malarial risk country.

The question is “to take the antimalarials?”

The chemical structure of DEET

I have been informed (by a travel specialist doc…. FANCY!) I should be ok if I cover myself in DEET laden insect repellant… aside from the fact that I’m pretty much allergic or “react” to most insect repellents, there are many reasons I don’t really want to take the antimalarials…

  1. They can make you sun-sensitive… CMON I’m already a pasty ranga, I don’t need to be ANY more sun sensitive
  2. They cause yeast infections… ew
  3. They negate the Pill…
  4. Nausea and vomiting

…and a whole bunch of other, albeit rare side effects that are pretty gross… I’m talking about Doxycycline by the way, one of the only antimalarials that the pesky mozzies aren’t resistant to yet, and the most commonly used of the bunch.

So tell me? Are there any good sensitive insect repellents out there that DO contain DEET?

Do I put up, shut up and take the malarials? 

Gin and Tonics could be the answer! Tonic water contains Quinine – which has anti-malarial properties… so I could just get rip-snortingly drunk each day… the Quinine can fight off the malaria and the alcohol could fight off the stomach bugs (as discussed in “don’t trust a ham sandwich“)…

UPDATE! – Thanks Mum 🙂 Apparently you can get a safe for sensitive skin insect repellant containing “Picaridin” instead of DEET… huzzah! OFF is the only brand I can seem to find in Australia that has it.